About Us

Exceeding Expectations In Orlando & Beyond!

Our motto, “Every Detail. Every Time.” is no mere marketing slogan. We are obsessively meticulous about addressing every tree service concern of yours and raking up every stray twig. In the Central Florida tree service industry where merely showing up as promised is surprising, we far exceed our customer’s expectations and can provide references of our most recent Orlando area tree service jobs to substantiate that claim. They’ll verify that we’re prompt, affordable, and reliable.

Superior Communication

Our communication also stands out: we are easy to reach, give detailed estimates for tree removal or tree trimming, and have people skills you’d expect from a more “educated” profession.

No Deposits Required

From Orlando to Daytona, the most flagrant and frequent violation of trust we’re told about is the tree service which takes a deposit and runs. In this atmosphere of distrust, we choose to not ask for any payment until your tree trimming or tree removal is finished to your absolute satisfaction. And we believe that a price that’s fair before a storm is just as fair after the storm. Report fraud and price gouging to Florida’s Attorney General (1-866-9-NO-SCAM) and to the Better Business Bureau, of which we are a member in good standing. Click here for our list of customer references.

Verified Coverage

While some other West Volusia tree services conduct similarly safe job sites, the vast majority do not cover employee injuries through Workers’ Compensation, leaving homeowners exposed to liability. A larger percentage of Volusia County tree services do carry liability insurance to cover property damage, but few carry current insurance certificates with them, leaving customers to trust their veracity. When we give you your prompt, free estimate, we’ll show documentation of current coverage for both Workers’ Compensation and our $1,000,000 liability insurance policy. View our insurance certificates: General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and Occupational License

  • Testimonials

    • William & Janet Hendrickson

      We found your working staff to courteous & professional.  They did a very good job and we would recommend your crew and company to others that need your service. The crew member that goes high into the tree tops should get extra pay.  Thanks again.

    • Millicent

      Thank you for your email and before and after pictures regarding the work you’ve completed on my lot. I am pleased and grateful for your effort and concern in this transaction. Will keep in touch and success in the future.

    • Roberta

      The trees look amazing! What a difference a trimming makes! Everything looks wonderful! We were pleasantly surprised when we saw it was all finished when we got home. Thank you again!