Meet Our Crew

West Volusia Tree Service Crew

Superior Skills and Attitude

We are privileged to serve you with one of the best crews among the Orlando Florida area tree services. These gentlemen have lengthy, injury-free experience in their areas of expertise and they serve with positive, gracious attitudes. While a descriptive contract prevents most customer/contractor misunderstandings, we are quick to give our customers the benefit of the doubt, even if it means doing more work than we had anticipated.

Attention to Detail

Thorough attention to detail is what makes our tree service crew most distinctive and impressive. We go to great lengths to bring complete satisfaction to our customers across Central Florida, even when it costs us additional time and money. Whether it’s finding every dead branch in a tree trimming job in Volusia County, paying attention to aesthetics while shaping a tree canopy in Seminole County, or meticulous raking and blowing in Orlando, we are attentive to “Every Detail. Every Time.”

Safeguarding Your Property

Tree trimming and tree removalThat sense of careful focus carries over into our safety practices. In addition to meeting tree service safety standards on a daily basis, our Safety Committee meets quarterly to discuss safety concerns and implementation of our formal Safety Plan. All of this translates into a more careful watch over your roof, your fences, your plants, and your lawn as we undertake tree trimming and tree removal for you.

Superior Results Through Superior Equipment

We’ve all seen the botched results of attempting a task with the wrong tools. Our tree service crew uses only top shelf professional grade equipment which translates into better results and lower impact on your property. Learn more below about our tree service capabilities.

Free Wood Chips In The Orlando Area : West Volusia : Seminole County

Free wood chipsIf desired, we have a steady stream of free wood chips for you. Many of our customers use them for landscaping or groundcover; others fill in low spots in their unpaved driveways. This eco-friendly wood recycling is made possible by our Vermeer 1800XL wood chipper. It is the largest chipper manufactured for residential use, turning logs up to twenty inches wide into reusable material. Being one of the few West Volusia tree services with a chipper this large enables us to complete work for you faster than many of our competitors in the Orlando area.

Orlando Affordable Stump Grinding

Orlando stump grindingWould you like to replace that stump with some lush landscaping? We have three machines that remove stumps: For cases where the entire root ball needs to be removed, we dig it out with our Kubota tractor. We use a grinder when roots a foot below ground need not be removed. Our high horsepower Vermeer 352 diesel stump grinder is designed to remove large stumps quickly. But when a stump is in a hard to access part of your property, we use our smaller, more portable grinder. We grind stumps from Orlando to Daytona, from Deltona to Ormond Beach, from Lake Mary to New Smyrna Beach, from Sanford to Port Orange. (You get the idea!)

Beyond Bobcat Services

Orlando land clearingBobcats are inexpensive and compact, but they are somewhat limited in their abilities and they don’t “tread light”. Equipped with two of the more powerful, lower impact Kubota tractors, Dave and Brian can pull out more obstinate stumps, haul heavier logs, and complete a variety of land clearing tasks in the Orlando area.

A Crew Chief with Exceptional Training

Tree trimming safetyGeoff Gill’s eleven years of tree service experience in Orlando is all the more impressive in light of his voracious desire to perfect his craft, as evidenced by the twelve training certificates he holds. As well as being our lead expert climber, Geoff oversees on-site execution of each job. He is paradoxically both aggressive in his work ethic (affectionately known as “a beast” by the crew) and methodical in his safety consciousness.

Deal Directly with the Owner

Orlando area tree serviceWhen you call us, you’ll speak directly with our company owner, Evan Keller. Whether you need a tree service estimate or a job site solution, Evan is available by phone at 386-216-4481 or by email at Evan’s experience as a non-profit manager has shaped him into a “people person” who finds satisfaction in making a positive impact on those he serves. When contracting our Orlando area tree service, we’re confident you’ll appreciate the quality of our people as well as our work.

  • Testimonials

    • Richard Gardner

      Thank you and thanks again for your company’s good work and fine professionalism.  This was the second time your company trimmed trees on property we own and each time it was a pleasant experience.  Everything was done to our specifications and the yard looked like no one was here to trim trees when your crew [...]

    • Mike and Karen, DeLand

      Just a note of thanks for again doing a great job of us. We appreciate your professionalism, promptness, and good work. The young men that you have working for you are very courteous and professional as well. We know that we can always count on you and your company to a great job and through [...]

    • Millicent

      Thank you for your email and before and after pictures regarding the work you’ve completed on my lot. I am pleased and grateful for your effort and concern in this transaction. Will keep in touch and success in the future.