Assessing & Evaluating Your Tree

To see if it is at risk…

  • Tree defects
    • Decay development
  • Reducing risk
    • Limit large low branch removal
    • No flush cuts
    • Pruning
    • Planting properly
    • Avoid root damage
    • Structural pruning
  • Potential causes of risk
    • Tree strength and weakness
    • Strength of different trees
    • Strength of different parts
    • Strength reduces with age
  • Impairment of uniform stress distribution
    • Distribution of loading
    • Interruption of growth by living agents
    • Inadequate root anchorage
  • Damage to existing support
    • Direct physical injury
    • Cracks from mechanical loading
    • Decay
    • Risk not related to mechanics
  • Remedial Actions
    • Move the target
    • Remove the defective tree or parts
    • Reduce the load on defective part
    • Root collar exam and treatment
    • Artificial systems
    • Hire an arborist
  • Testimonials

    • Kim, Ormond Beach

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank the crew at West Volusia Tree Service. My first encounter was a speedy estimate and a thorough and honest estimate of the work that needed to be done. The crew did a great job removing the leaning tree, stumps and roots and trimming an overgrown tree. [...]

    • Al Medina, Deltona

      Once again I wanted to say THANK YOU for the great work your team did on my tree. It was quality, top-notch work that you don’t see that often anymore and the pricing was very reasonable. I also appreciate the time you took to answer all my questions in detail and putting my worries to [...]

    • William & Janet Hendrickson

      We found your working staff to courteous & professional.  They did a very good job and we would recommend your crew and company to others that need your service. The crew member that goes high into the tree tops should get extra pay.  Thanks again.