Assessing & Evaluating Your Tree

To see if it is at risk…

  • Tree defects
    • Decay development
  • Reducing risk
    • Limit large low branch removal
    • No flush cuts
    • Pruning
    • Planting properly
    • Avoid root damage
    • Structural pruning
  • Potential causes of risk
    • Tree strength and weakness
    • Strength of different trees
    • Strength of different parts
    • Strength reduces with age
  • Impairment of uniform stress distribution
    • Distribution of loading
    • Interruption of growth by living agents
    • Inadequate root anchorage
  • Damage to existing support
    • Direct physical injury
    • Cracks from mechanical loading
    • Decay
    • Risk not related to mechanics
  • Remedial Actions
    • Move the target
    • Remove the defective tree or parts
    • Reduce the load on defective part
    • Root collar exam and treatment
    • Artificial systems
    • Hire an arborist
  • Testimonials

    • Michael Mercado, Deland

      I am most pleased with the work of your crew in felling two very tall and dangerously leaning Laurel Oaks on my property. My children now have a safe play area. The skill and professionalism of your men was far beyond what I had expected. My family watched with amazement at the speed at which [...]

    • kimbo44

      Jim trimmed three Queen Palm trees in my yard and he did a great job. He was extremely professional, reliable, and honest. I’ve had bad experiences with another tree company, so I’m glad I found TreeWorkNow, and I will always use them for work in the future, and I will happily refer them to friends [...]

    • Dick & Midge

      I experienced excellent service at a competitive price by a responsive, well trained, experienced, polite, quality conscious crew.