Assessing & Evaluating Your Tree

To see if it is at risk…

  • Tree defects
    • Decay development
  • Reducing risk
    • Limit large low branch removal
    • No flush cuts
    • Pruning
    • Planting properly
    • Avoid root damage
    • Structural pruning
  • Potential causes of risk
    • Tree strength and weakness
    • Strength of different trees
    • Strength of different parts
    • Strength reduces with age
  • Impairment of uniform stress distribution
    • Distribution of loading
    • Interruption of growth by living agents
    • Inadequate root anchorage
  • Damage to existing support
    • Direct physical injury
    • Cracks from mechanical loading
    • Decay
    • Risk not related to mechanics
  • Remedial Actions
    • Move the target
    • Remove the defective tree or parts
    • Reduce the load on defective part
    • Root collar exam and treatment
    • Artificial systems
    • Hire an arborist
  • Testimonials

    • Robert Davies, Engineering Supervisor at Orlando Regional Medical Center

      It has been a pleasure working with Jim Phillips over the last couple of months to get our properties M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando, our Ambulatory Care Center and Orlando Regional Medical Center back up to par. We had hoped we would have our surrounding property looking good by November 2009. Especially our property along [...]

    • Roy & Trinity Berglund, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.

      I want to compliment your team.  You did an excellent job of removing a dead 30′+ Florida Pine nestled between 2 other tall trees.  I am sure it wasn’t an easy job but you mastered it as if it was.  That is why I always call professionals.  Also, Jim Phillips is the best customer service [...]

    • kimbo44

      Jim trimmed three Queen Palm trees in my yard and he did a great job. He was extremely professional, reliable, and honest. I’ve had bad experiences with another tree company, so I’m glad I found TreeWorkNow, and I will always use them for work in the future, and I will happily refer them to friends [...]