Grace M. Serridge, DeLand

I want to thank you and your company, West Volusia Tree Service, for the terrific and very professional job you did !!!

When I first called, you set up an immediate appointment and arrived on time and gave a detailed estimate and brochure about your company and professional licenses and insurance so I could rest assured this was a topnotch, legal, safe job and I would not be liable for anything as you were fully insured and licensed !

I got the work done the next day !

The crew arrived in the morning on time, and every person was courteous, kind, and even caring toward my concerns about which branch was being cut and how it might look. They were considerate of my lawn and outdoor furnishings,composed themselves with pleasant, polite behavior and did not leave trash or cigarette butts, etc. In fact when I told them I was allergic to smoke, they did not smoke in my yard. And they removed debris and took away the mess so I could enjoy my lawn after the work was completed.

From start to finish I felt comfortable in trusting your knowledge of trees and their health and what needed to be done,as well as consideration of the many aspects involved in coming into someone’s private garden/yard and removing or trimming something.

A tree is part of the landscape of our life and view and it affects the look of a garden. And the golden rule of “do unto others” really applies when trusting someone with your tree/s and your property being treated with respect. It matters !

At first I was afraid to get my trees trimmed, even though I called and wanted to take out any possible branches that were dying or possible hazards to my home in the hurricane/storm season. I just was unsure of how the whole process would be;I am so glad now it’s done and know my trees are healthier and my home is safe from dead branches that could have blown or fallen onto my house/roof and caused major damage in a storm.

Thank you for your professional, courteous, honest, skilled, caring services. I am totally satisfied and grateful.

AND I even got to keep the clipboard:)

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