Thank you for requesting your tree service estimate!

Our estimator for your area will phone you shortly to set an appointment to look at your treescape with you. He will address any concerns you have regarding your trees, and make further recommendations related to:

  • the SAFETY of your home and family
  • the BEAUTY of your landscape, and
  • the HEALTH of your trees.

Before he leaves your property, he’ll put a detailed, written estimate in your hand and give you the option of getting on one of our crews’ schedule.

The Three Biggest Factors to Consider when Comparing Estimates:

    Because of how it protects you from million dollar injury lawsuits related to very dangerous work on your property, this single factor separates the men from the boys in our industry. But far fewer than you’d think actually have it. Believe it or not, only 5 of 75 tree services in a Central Florida county truly had coverage (according to a State of Florida website), although many more claimed to have it! Don’t settle for the “fully insured” phrase; demand proof of more than just General Liability (which covers broken fences but not broken bodies). Be sure their Workers’ Comp certificate is current (as some get the coverage then drop it, or even plagiarize our certificates using White Out!), or better yet: verify it with their insurance company and/or the Florida Department of Financial Services. See our certificate here.
  2. PRICE
    Obviously, everyone’s looking for value (especially these days) and want to spend their hard-earned money on a vacation rather than tree trimming! You’ll find our rates very fair and competitive. Of course, the “two men and a chainsaw” may offer even more amazing prices, but leave behind repairs, headaches, butchered trees and a yardful of branches for you to deal with. You end up footing the bill for their corner-cutting ways. Some things really are too good to be true. We offer old-fashioned customer satisfaction at a fair price.
    Because of the extreme weight of trees and tree equipment being manipulated on your property, property damage is often sustained in the tree service industry. As you consider a company’s estimate, measure your confidence in their likelihood of doing all in their power to prevent such damage and to conscientiously and quickly repair any damage that is incurred. See our exclusive property protection protocol here.

We hope to earn your trust and be your tree service for life!

  • Testimonials

    • Tony & Vivian Comas

      Thank you for your great service! We will be sure to give you great reviews and word of mouth advertising. We look forward to doing business again.

    • Roberta

      The trees look amazing! What a difference a trimming makes! Everything looks wonderful! We were pleasantly surprised when we saw it was all finished when we got home. Thank you again!

    • Richard Gardner

      Thank you and thanks again for your company’s good work and fine professionalism.  This was the second time your company trimmed trees on property we own and each time it was a pleasant experience.  Everything was done to our specifications and the yard looked like no one was here to trim trees when your crew [...]